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It’s a pleasure to connect with you, My name is Helmut A. Kimberly, am an investment consultant with RSL-Project Management Service C0, I have been mandated by the company to source for investment opportunities and companies seeking for funding, business loans, for its project(s). Do you have any investment or project that is seeking for capital to fund it?

Our Investments financing focus is on:

Seed Capital, Early-Stage, Start-Up Ventures, , Brokerage, Private Finance, Renewable Energy Project, Commercial Real Estate, Blockchain, Technology, Telecommunication, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Animal Breeding, Hospitality, Healthcare, Oil/Gas/Refinery. Application reserved for business executives and companies with proven business records in search of funding for expansion or for capital investments..

Kindly contact me for further details.

await your return e.mail soonest.


Dr. Helmut A. Kimberly

Address: 72469 Jahra Road Shuwaikh Industrial, Kuwait
Tel: +96550422388
Email: rsl.fudiciary@debtloanfinanceconsultant.com

Hi there!

Does your company have a mobile app? I’m an experienced app developer who works across many platforms (Android, iOs, etc). Your company can benefit from various mobile apps in terms of marketing, operational effectiveness, or both. Nowadays, potential customers feel more at ease conducting business with organizations whose mobile apps not only have a fantastic appearance and feel, but also have some capabilities that make carrying out the majority of business procedures simpler.

Please let me know if you already have some plans in mind and I would really want to share some of my own thoughts with you as well.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Andrew Jackson – Web Developer

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I wantеd tо be that frіend, nоt juѕt а ѕtаblе, rеlіаblе and bоring hоusеwifе.
I am 27 уеarѕ old, Annа, from the Czeсh Rеpublіc, know Еnglіѕh lаnguagе аlѕo.
Anуway, yоu сan find my profile here: http://corgamucalljef.ml/idi-11039/

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