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Echte Bakkersgilde

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During my employment at the Echte Bakkersgilde I enjoyed a lot of creative fun. At the gilde more than 200 bakers were united. They shared the same corporate identity, but the stores had their own campaigns. Therefore I worked on a variety of design projects such as designing online and offline advertising material, discount coupons, car overprints, magazines and complete retail campaigns.


Every year De Echte Bakkersgilde organizes a ‘retailtrip’ for his members. Each time the trip has a different agenda, place and educational  content. Mine assignment was to make a handout booklet with al the informationas as the timetable and information about some of the places or stores that was needed for that day.


from posters, webbanners to carwrap design

Annual Year Report


As every company most do is a annual finance year report. I designed this report based on previously reports, the numbers and input from the marketing department.


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