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2015 - 2017




Graphic Design

Party flyers


Here are some of my party flyers. I designed the flyers and online banners for the party’s.  More to come…

Pre Summer Party

After our successful we planned  the Pre summer Party at Brandstof, a bar in Amsterdam. And again the turn up was great, lot’s of people and everything was on point!


Wicked Jazz Sounds

Wicked Jazz Sounds is a weekly clubnight with live performances of musicians, singers and DJ’s. This flyer is for a 2 for 1 deal.. so go in with two people and pay for one!

Wicked Jazz Sounds

Full Force Friday

With a good (DJ)friend of mine I was asked to DJ at King Fisher, a Local bar here in Amsterdam. It was the day after the premiere of the new Star Wars movie ‘The Force Awakens’ so we had to jump on it.. Design wise!

King Fisher

After Summer Party

We planned a After summer Party at Brandstof, a bar in Amsterdam, with great succes. The place was packed with people, decorations and a good vibe!


Guilty Pleasure Party

Also there was a Guilty Pleasure Party at Brandstof that was organised by me and my friend Mario Schneller. We made it in to a Guilty Pleasure ‘Halloween edition’ because it was a day before Halloween.

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